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Green Hills with Blue Sky

About Emily Teel

Marriage and Family Resident

In today's world, relationships can feel exceptionally challenging.  We live in a culture where we are encouraged to communicate through a limited number of characters, & pressured by the media to conform to filtered images of what a perfect relationship might look like.  Suddenly, our commitments to our partners, family, & our work no longer bring us the joy we once felt.  Easy conversations & the ability to express our relational needs with our partners may become increasingly more difficult.  

I know that reaching out for support can be intimidating, but I also know you already possess the strengths and skills you need to improve your relationships.  Together, we can figure out how to best use your exisiting strengths and resilience to bring meaning & joy back into your life & relationships.

My style is compassionate yet direct, as I am committed to make the most of our time together.  Whether you are struggling with feelings of worry, stress, major life transitions or serious martial conflicts - let's talk.  My approach is to provide encouragement and practical feedback to help clients effectively address personal life challenges in a way that is relatable & sustainable.  I work to acknowledge existing strengths & resilience already within you.

In my experience of working with a broad spectrum of clients & couples, I listen for solutions in my client's stories, & hope that with the end of each session, they leave together feeling less anxious and more optimistic about what tomorrow may bring! Let's begin that journey together!


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