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About Noeris Montanez, M.A.

Resident in Counseling

I was a Special Education teacher, working with children from mild to moderate intellectual delays and students with ADHD. Even though I loved teaching it was a limited experience which I felt the need to do more. Completing my education on counseling had open my perspective on how to give extra tools for the exceptional child. I have worked in IEP and 504 meetings and provided recommendations for school teams on how to help children with conduct issues. I have also worked with adolescents on dealing with grief, depression, and anxiety.

I was previously enlisted in the United States Navy, serving five fantastic years. Through my time in service, I understood the struggles service members have to face when deployed or even underway. There is a lot of stress posed for family members and increase pressure for our Heros. I believe due to my experience I can give back some of my experience to service members and family. One quality I have is I am fluent in Spanish and can help families who are new in Virginia to adapt to new experiences.

My perspective in counseling and as a therapist is Humanistic; I want to focus on the individual as a whole and not focus only on their problems. Most problems we face are consequence by external triggers that might not seem to affect us! Another essential perspective I like to incorporate is spirituality; I believe we are all part of something bigger then what we can see.

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