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About Nellie Porter

Certified Life Coach



I am Nellie Porter, a certified Life Coach in Virginia Beach.  My experiences in the service help me understand the role of not only being an Active Duty Service member, but also one who spent the last decade of my career in a Senior Leadership position. My immediate time after serving was spent working at Fleet Family Support Center on Dam Neck Annex providing Life Skills and Education to both family members and Active Duty of the area. This role allowed me to see the impact I could make on educating future clients on co-parenting while in the military, referring people to seek mental health counseling, coaching people on how to best prepare for advancement, and advising families to seek family therapy after experiencing major life events in the military such as homecomings, deployments, and stressful events.

My approach as a coach differs from a therapeutic approach in that I am not working with the mental health aspect of therapy. I am providing coaching and education around an agreed upon topic to which we problem solve together to find a solution. I will reserve the right to refer clients should they need a higher level of care. 
My specialties include but are not limited to: 
Military Career Advancement Coaching,
Stress Management Coaching
Retirement Transitioning Coaching,
Anger Management Coaching,
Military Parenting, Coaching
Divorce Mediation 

Qualifications: 30 Year Career United States Navy, Fleet Family Support Center Life Skills Educator and a Certified Life Coach through New Skills Academy. 

My services will be totally discreet with no notes required.  No insurance needed
$50.00 per session (Military discount for active duty service members)
(No insurance accepted)
Group speaking engagements costs available upon request.
Availability: Tuesdays and Thursday 10:00AM- 4:00PM