About Frank Bond, M.A.

Resident in Counseling

My Therapeutic passion is:   
working with individuals with substance use issues,

& individuals dealing with change...career choices, aging issues, & other life adjustments.

I am EMDR trained. 


Please email me directly any questions: [email protected].

"After completing a forty year career in business, I made a decision to make a change. My interest in numbers had faded, but my interest in people was stronger than ever. I have had some experiences along the way through which counselors played an important role, so I decided to pursue a graduate degree in counseling with the goal of obtaining my professional license. Currently I am a Resident in Counseling and offer sessions throughout the day on Mondays, and also on Tuesday and Thursday mornings- starting at 7 AM. I work with individuals and couples and believe that the essential element of counseling is the collaboration between the client and therapist. The best purpose for counseling is to help individuals to find freedom from circumstances that make it difficult for them to experience the best life that is open for them. I AM EMDR TRAINED.

I like to fish, have been married forty years to a very understanding and lovely woman, and have five grand-children- all of whom live nearby so we see them often. I look forward to meeting you."-  Frank