What Is ADHD? Meaning & Symptoms

ADHD stands for attention deficit hyperactivity disorder, a complex brain disorder that impacts approximately 11% of children and almost 5% of adults in the U.S.1 ADHD is a developmental impairment of the brain’s executive functions. People with ADHD have trouble with impulse-control, focusing, and organization.

Neuroscience, brain imaging, and clinical research tell us a few important things: ADHD is not a behavior disorder. ADHD is not a mental illness. ADHD is not a specific learning disability. ADHD is, instead, a developmental impairment of the brain’s self-management system. Both adults and children can be diagnosed with ADHD.

ADHD Symptoms

Common ADHD symptoms include:

ADHD symptoms vary by individual. You or your child may experience all or just some of the above symptoms, along with others detailed in the DSM-V.

At Sunrise Counseling, we take the time to administer multiple tests and assessments to arrive at an accurate diagnosis.

In addition to a clinical interview, the following tests are administered.

Attention/ Mental Flexibility: (Trails A, Trails B)

Executive Function: (Digit Symbol Substitution, Stroop, Brief-A)

Processing Speed/ Reaction Time: (Flanker)

Memory (Immediate Recognition, Delayed Recognition)

Psychological Scales (PHQ-9, GAD-7)

Mood/ Personality (BRIEF-A)

Bipolar Screener

Substance Abuse Screener

Somatic Symptom Screener

Major Depressive Disorder Screener

Persistent Depressive Disorder

Anxiety Screener