Full Psychological Profile

This includes cognitive, emotional and personality testing, and provides in-depth information on an individual’s functioning in all three of these areas. It is useful to help understand what a person is thinking and feeling as well as one’s underlying personality structure, cognitive strengths, and limitations, coping skills and weaknesses, and motivations behind behavior. In clinically complex cases and/or cases in which it is difficult for someone to identify the problem or articulate one’s own experiences, a full psychological evaluation can be an invaluable resource for providing diagnostic clarification and treatment recommendations.

Tests:      Attention/ Mental Flexibility: (Trails A, Trails B), Executive Function: (Digit Symbol Substitution, Stroop, Brief-A) Processing Speed/ Reaction Time: (Flanker) Memory (Immediate Recognition, Delayed Recognition) Psychological Scales (PHQ-9, GAD-7) Mood/ Personality (PAI, PSS, CAD, BRIEF-A), Trauma (DAPS), Conduct/ Impulse Control (SPECTRA).


Clinical or parent interview

2 -3 hours Testing

2 - 4 hours Clinical Review/Reporting

Interactive Feedback Session