Korrin Vanderhoof, MSSA, LCSW

Executive Director 


My therapeutic passion is:
empowering individuals & promoting independence


*While stepping into the role of Director I  have had to switch my focus toward helping our community in a larger scale, by fostering growth and promoting a safe and welcoming environment for all who join our family. At this time I am no longer accepting new clients but am happy to help you find the best fit here at Sunrise!*

I'm a Licensed Clinical Social Worker with experience working with children, teens, and adults. I am passionate about treating clients who are working through grief and loss, complex trauma,  and attachment disorders.  In my clinical experience I have found each of my client's stories, no matter how involved, important and valuable. There is nothing you can bring to session that is off limits. My work is judgement free.

I focus on strengths and solutions and come prepared with energy and compassion to each session. In session we will identify concrete problems, understand how our self-talk, thoughts, and beliefs affect our feelings and relationships, and build a skills tool box that will switch unhelpful patterns into more effective ones. Feeling better takes work but it is easier with someone by your side.

I enjoy using holistic approaches to treatment and look to find alternative ways to uncover our deeper selves and resolve internal struggles. I recently completed training in Surf Therapy for Trauma and I advocate for the use of alternative modalities for persistent mental health concerns including EMDR, Art, Music, and Movement Therapies, and Ketamine Assisted Psychotherapy.

surf therapy