Residents and Interns

Our residents, interns, and practicum students provide low cost/sliding scale options for therapy, improving access to quality mental health care for individuals who have no insurance, are under-insured, or are experiencing financial hardship. 

What is a Resident (or Supervisee) therapist?

Post graduate clinicians are called Residents or Supervisees in their fields (Counselors, Marriage and Family Therapists, and Social Workers). They have completed their graduate education and are practicing under the supervision of a licensed professional. All clinicians must complete a minimum of two years in residency before applying for independent licensure.  Rates for Resident therapists is $65 per session. 

Our Resident therapists are:

Arielle Leeberg- Supervisee in Social Work and Trauma Informed Registered Yoga Therapist (Greenbrier)

Brooke Tuggle- Supervisee in Social Work and Certified Substance Abuse Counselor (Greenbrier)

Mariah Bainbridge- Resident in Counseling and Recreational Therapist (Lynnhaven)

Erin Lutumba- Resident in Marriage and Family Therapy/ Gottman Certified (Greenbrier)

Nicole Drozd- Supervisee in Social Work and Board Certified Music Therapist (Greenbrier)

What does it mean to be an intern or practicum student?

Clinicians who are in their final year of graduate studies in a clinical mental health field are required to complete a minimum of 600 hours of supervised clinical experience prior to graduating and entering residency. Rates for interns/practicum students range from $10-$20. Contact our office to learn more about Intern/Practicum availability for the spring semester.

Click here for a list of our current student therapists.