We provide child and adolescent, teen, individual adult, couples, and family therapy.  Treatment specializations include:

Depression & Anxiety disorders  |  Couples & Marital Counseling  |  Panic Attacks  |  Art Therapy  |  Sex Therapy  |  Self-Harm  |  Intrusive Thoughts  |  Sexual Dysfunctions  |  PTSD  |  Family Counseling  |  Parenting Support  |  Grief Counseling  |  Work & Career Issues  |  Stress Management  |  Personality Disorders  |  Divorce Mediation  |  Conflict Resolution  |  Substance Abuse & Addiction Recovery  |  ADHD  |  Child Therapy  |  Child Behavior Disorders  |  EMDR  |  Eating Disorders  |  Intellectual Disorders  |  Transgender Issues  |  LGTBTQ+  |  Veteran Transitions 


Our specialized Nurse Practitioners offer psychiatric medication management services for most mental health concerns.

*Please note: we do not have a physician (MD) on staff.


For those seeking clarification on whether they meet criteria for a particular diagnosis, or those simply wanting to discover more about themselves, psychological testing uses empirically validated measures to help unpack our minds and thought patterns, opening the door to discovering who we are, why we feel or act the way we do, and what steps we should take to move forward. Our assessment batteries include the following:

ADHD  |  Full psychological profile  |  Bipolar (I & II)  |  Obsessive-compulsive disorder  |  Borderline personality disorder  |  Anxiety & Depression  |  Schizoid Personality Disorder  |  Cognitive Assessments  |  Employment/ Military Evaluations  |  Personality Tests  |  Conduct Disorders/ Impulse Control


Offering speech therapy services to children and adults seeking assistance with language, articulation, voice, fluency, and more. 

*These services are offered at our Chesapeake location only.